Pacific Beach Street Guardians is a non-profit (501c3) that functions as a social enterprise. We hire neighbors who are experiencing homelessness to:

  • Care for the streets, sidewalks, alleys and beaches of our community
  • Perform janitorial/custodial work for local businesses, organizations and residents
  • Provide event services (set up/take down)

As a social enterprise, PBSG offers much more than a job - we provide pride, purpose, stability, dignity, a path to self-sufficiency and hope. Because of our dedication to serve the community with integrity and quality, we are able to earn funds to re-invest in the transformation of the lives of our employees. Over 75% of our expenses are paid for by the services that Team Members provide to the community. Not only is there a positive economic impact, but a significant social impact as well. As lives change, so does our neighborhood!


A community where all neighbors work in collaboration, serving each other with their resources, time and God-given talents.


PBSG exists to connect housed and unhoused neighbors in Pacific Beach through employment opportunities, community education and service opportunities.